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    Name: - Cecelia Noelle
    Birthdate: - Monday, January 5 2009
    Age: - 9 years, 4 months, 21 days
  • time: 3:56PM
  • birth weight: 5lbs 6oz
  • length: 18 3/4 inches
  • 3-month stats: 10lbs 14oz - 21.5 inches
  • 6-month stats: 13 lbs 2oz


    Name: - George Parker Widman V
    Birthdate: - Monday, February 14 2005
    Age: - 13 years, 3 months, 12 days
  • Weight: 5 pounds 7.5 ounces
  • Length: 18.5 inches
  • 3.5-year weight: 31 pounds
  • 3.5-year length: 35 inches
  • Favorite Music: Anything... Everything...
  • Favorite Books: His new Thomas book
  • Favorite Foods: Peas, asparagus, ham, mashed potatoes, squash, chickie, chocolate, coffee & cookies, cucumbers, spaghetti
  • Newest Accomplishments: PRESCHOOL, Sounding out some letters, reaching things for himself, writing his name!

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Georgie is loving kindergarten. He ... (Saturday, October 2 2010)

Georgie is loving kindergarten. He goes everyday from 12:30-3:00PM and he wishes it was much longer. The time literally flies when he is there and he comes home simply exhausted. Each day Cece and I load up and drop ...more

Georgie: (Thursday, August 12 2010)

Georgie: He passed his swim test, so we are sooo proud of him and excited to take the next swim level. I can''t believe how brave he has become and is a little fish! He also finished up soccer and ...more

I have been a horrible ... (Friday, April 23 2010)

I have been a horrible mommy webmaster... I guess I need to put this on my weekly to do list. We have been busy lately with park playtime in the sunshine, soccer and swim lessons, gardening and more playtime! Georgie ...more

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